Rebooting Systems…

“Adjutant online. Good evening, Magistrate.”

As you might have noticed if you’ve been here before in the past, I have reset the site and made a few small tweaks to the overall setup here. I originally created this page a year ago when I had started playing with some ideas for a space opera setting and it had gotten serious enough that I wanted to put all the stuff I write separate from all the heroic fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, and classic dungeon crawling material that has become the full focus on Spriggan’s Den. I think most people reading my stuff over there probably don’t care much about space opera, and for people who really are interested, it’s probably much easier to have everything together in one place.

I had been playing with a couple of ideas for a few weeks while the idea of doing and old-fashioned space opera in Stars Without Number or Scum and Villainy with an original setting had me very excited, but then decided to put it into a drawer and come back to it later while I resumed working on my fantasy setting. I find that creativity often is a lot like brewing, where you pour your ingredients into a pot and then let them sit for a while and settle. Then you come back later, separate the parts that are tasty from the ones that have become mush, and continue with adding new ideas and stirring them around to see what happens. The good parts that you want to keep are the ones that are still exciting when you come back, while everything that you’ve kind of forgotten about and drifted out of the focus of the concept in your head can be discarded. Not neccessarily a good approach for a commercial writer, but it seems to have served quite well lots of creators who wanted to make something special that comes from their own heart.

Later happened to be this spring, and I’ve been back working on this space opera idea more extensively and even more excitedly than I did last year. It’s taken on a much more clear shape, and I am now much more certain about the sources I want to draw from primarily, and where the aesthetic focus is going to be. Which are thungs that have changed quite a lot from my initial first ideas, which was the main reason why I decided to reset this site instead of just continuing where I left off. The old stuff is all obsolete new anyway, and it just seems much neater and probably more comprehensible for any readers to start again on a blank page.