Fine tuning the Setting

This is listing of the current broad strokes parameters for the Hyperspace Opera setting. The things that it has and the things it does not. Updated irregularly to reflect new developments.

Things in the Setting

  • Hyperspace drives
  • Hyperspace routes are calculated by supercomputers
  • Artificial gravity
  • Fusion power
  • Ships need refueling
  • Fuel stations
  • Destroyed ships stay in one piece (they don’t explode)
  • Local communication networks can be accessed inside settlements
  • Space suits
  • Swords!
  • Pirates
  • Smugglers
  • Planets without atmosphere
  • Planets with different gravity
  • “Debris fields”, not asteroid belts
  • Alien species
  • Planets with multiple states
  • Interstellar trade language (not spoken by everyone)
  • Large interstellar businesses
  • Merchant oligarchs
  • Anarcho-syndicalist communes

Things not in the Setting

  • No faster than light communication
  • No Stealth in Space (TM)
  • No energy weapons
  • No energy shields or force fields
  • No teleportation
  • No electronic warfare
  • No starfighters
  • No universal translator
  • No video phones
  • No holograms (I’m petty)
  • No artificial intelligence/androids
  • No cybernetic augmentations, replacements only
  • No genetic enhancements
  • No psychic powers
  • No energy beings
  • No time travel
  • No interstellar empires
  • No hyper advanced ancient civilizations
  • No ancient destroyers
  • No space aristocrats
  • No alien hybrids
  • No Evil Species
  • No Planet Earth

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